Swannanoa Palace

Happy New Year! I’ve recently just returned back home from my longest road trip yet, spanning from snowy New England back to the desert of Arizona. I was lucky enough to have some amazing adventures along the way so I’ll be sharing those with you.

High atop Afton Mountain in Lyndurst, Virginia, sits the most incredible looking palace with breathtaking Italian architecture. It looks straight out of a fairytale, and in a way, it was. It was built as a symbol of love and devotion between a husband and wife. It now sits in a bit of disrepair, but it only adds to the air of mystery and romantic feel. While exploring, I imagined what it would be like to wake in such a beautiful place every morning and walk the gardens while admiring the mountaintop views.

Find more info here: Swannanoa Palace

I’m wearing a matching skirt and top set from Planet Blue. The plaid print and flannel material is perfect for the cooler winter temps. I love the flow of the skirt with ruffle and tie details. The wrap top pairs perfectly with denim. You could easily use both pieces to mix and match, or wear together and layer with a black motorcycle jacket and boots.




Photos by Chris Heck

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